First Delivery – Done!


Sorry for the late post (I try to publish a post every weekend)…
We’ve been really busy last week, but we pulled it off! I’m glad to say that we delivered the first 2 games to our client, and we are very pleased with the outcome.
Of course, there will probably be small changes and fixes to reach a proper polish level, but the work was completed on schedule, and we couldn’t be happier.

As soon as the games will be published officially, we will add them to our games section that will be added to the main website, and also link them here for everyone to see.

An interesting development issue I thought was nice to share –
As we were optimising the performance for the second game, we noticed performance drops and didn’t know what caused them.
The second game was supposed to be less performance heavy than the first (less objects on screen and less animations), so it all seemed very strange.
After some attempts to fix the problem we found the cause –
It seems that using tint on bitmaps is a very performance heavy operation, and every button in the game has a black tint when it is clicked, so we switched to a simple animation tween instead and voila – the game runs smoothly.
Conclusion – don’t use tint with CreateJS for mobile games.

And as always, we end with a small teaser for the 2 upcoming games –


See you next week,

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