On to the Next One!


Another week, another post.

So, we (mostly) finished the first game of the bundle in the current project, and moved on to the next one. Some minor adjustments and bugs are yet to be fixed, but mostly the first game is done.
Moving on to a new game every few weeks seems like a really nice way to make games. It’s enough time to reach a decent polish level for a small scale game prototype, but is not too much to waste if the idea turns to not work as visioned…
When we will work on our own projects, we think we will work in this way on many prototypes and look back on what works and what doesn’t, and then put the extra effort on those game prototypes that seems to work best.

Anyhow, as I said, we are now working on the second game, which is a time-management style game, and is progressing quite nice.
More info on this game and the previous one will be available as soon as we can (I promise, it wont be long until they will be released).
But for now, here’s another sneak peek into the game –

Any questions? leave us a reply below.
See you next week.

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