Work Work…

We are working our asses off to get to a working beta so I haven’t had much time to write a post since last week.

So what are we up to?
In our current project, we are designing and developing several mobile games using HTML5.
They are cross-platform, resolution-independent, web-based games, and we have a really short time to design, develop and test them.

**disclaimer: technical language ahead**
Our library of choice is the wonderful CreateJS, and we are using it with the Haxe language.
Combined, they make developing HTML5 games a lot easier than using pure javascript and the canvas API.

Getting HTML5 games to work smoothly on many browsers in devices as old as an iPhone 3Gs is far from easy – it means many sacrifices and requires a delicate balance between playability and polish.
Extensive use of alpha and scaling is a major problem, and particle effects are out of the question.
Our goal is to keep the FPS between 20 and 60, and so far we are doing quite well.

And we can’t finish without a small teaser to our first game in this bundle:
Teaser graphics

Any questions? leave us a reply below.
See you next week!

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