Come and Play!

Hi there!

Sorry for the long wait, we’ve been working hard to get our projects done in time.
And we’ve got some great news, but first, a development update.
After some hard work, we managed to get sound and music working in our HTML5 games.
This was not an easy task, and is actually only working on some browsers that support audio (for now, Firefox and Desktop Chrome).
But we are quite happy with the result, and plan to add more browser support in the future (mainly for iOS 6 using Web Audio API).

And now for the good news we mentioned…
Two of the 4 games we’ve been working on in the last months have been released!
Yes! you can go and play them right now in the app,
or view them in the games section of our website!
The other 2 games will probably be released within the next few days.

So go, spread the word, give our games a try and tell us what you think – either in the comments below or by sending us an email.

Until next time,
– Dor

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