Mega Update

Hi all!

After not updating for some time, I thought I’d write a summary of everything that we’ve been up to.
The team was very busy in the last 2 months, working hard on our new contract. In fact, we were so busy that we needed to hire an extra programmer and an extra graphic artist to keep up the work load and finish everything on schedule.

So far everything’s pretty much on schedule –
We’ve finished 5 more games since the last blog post, and there are quite a few more in the pipeline.
Two of the finished games have already been released, and are available to view on our Games section, or for play at
The rest will probably be released soon, and will also be uploaded to the games section, for everyone to see.
We will release a post to keep you up to date when that will happen.

A few more interesting topics:

  • We got ourselves a Leap Motion developer unit, and we plan to experiment around with it.
    So far it seems very impressive – the latency is extremely low, and it is really accurate (up to fractions of a millimetre). I’ll write a post about it after some more experimentation with it. Perhaps we will make a game for it in the future… who knows?
  • Three weeks ago, we took part in the Global Game Jam – a worldwide mega event of game creation, where people around the world make games about a specific theme in 48 hours, and this year, the theme was “Heartbeat”.
    Unfortunately for me, I was very sick that weekend, but all of the other guys at Double Duck worked very hard and made quite an impressive game. You can check it out here.

And for last, although the nearly finished games we talked about were not officially released yet, here’s some sneak peeks into them:

Game logos

As always, for any questions, hit us on the comments below.
See you next time,

– Dor

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