And – They’re Out!


We’ve worked really hard, and it payed off – all 10 games are out!


They are:

  • Electry City
  • Never Die Again
  • Planet Attack
  • Gem Adventure 2: Polar Puzzle
  • Blackjack
  • Safe Cracker
  • Pizza Panic
  • Safari Circus
  • Flying Dodo
  • Sudoku Samurai

They are all HTML5 games made using Haxe and CreateJS,
and were developed in extremely short development times from scratch.
We’ve added a new Facebook album listing all of our 14 (!) recent games.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the great guys at The Everything Project for their great product – They are awesome!

In other news, we released our Global Game Jam entry for the iPad on the App Store!
We invite you to download the game and tell us what you think!

Speaking of games for the App Store, we have recently converted the HTML5 blackjack game for iPhones and iPods and the game will be released soon!
So hopefully we will have some exciting news in the next few days!

In a more personal note, we would like to welcome the new team members-
Ilai – our new addition to the development team, and Tomer – our new artist.

Hope to share some more exciting news soon…

Until next time,
– Dor

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