It’s Been a Busy Month…


It’s been more than a month since our last (mini) update, and we’ve been up to so much…
Five games have been released!
Like the previous 14 games, they are targeted for Firefox OS phones, but unlike them, they are all available for download on the Firefox OS Marketplace.

They are:

  1. Age of Barbarians – a tower defence game in which the player protects the native villagers from the barbarian horde.
  2. Fisherman Fred – a timing based skill-game of catching fish, avoiding traps and winning missions.
  3. Rail Rush – an exciting timing game. Control the cars and avoid causing accidents, stay away from the trains and reach your goals.
  4. Jumping Marcelo – help Marcelo the monkey reach the big banana in the night-sky in this exciting fast-paced action game.
  5. Lucky Spin Roulette – a casino roulette game with a twist. Visit various casinos throughout the world and make a fortune.

As always, all of them will soon be available in our games section for more information.

In other news, as we are determined to help make Best Blackjack one of the top casino games, our latest update that has just been released (version 1.4) features a social leaderboard system. We continue to work on the game to add features and make it better.

Also, last month we moved to our awesome new office near Azrieli center in Tel-Aviv. If you’re passing by, come pay us a visit!

Until next time
– Dor

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