Has It Been a Year Already?

Hello everyone!


This is an exciting time for us, as we’ve recently celebrated our first company birthday!
That’s right! We have been making games for a bit over a year!

In the past year we have created over 40 games and prototypes, spanning over 100,000 lines of code!
Out of these projects 26 actual games were released, most of them available for browsing in our games section.

Speaking of which, we have recently released 9 games aimed at the Firefox OS Marketplace, some of which were featured on the market’s front page!
The full list is:

All of these games are available for the Firefox OS Marketplace, and playable on Firefox OS Phones.
Most of them are getting high user ratings, and we are super happy about that.

We are even more excited about this coming year and all of the new and exciting games we have planned, so stay tuned!

See you next time,
– Dor

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  • Dmitry

    Hi guys! I'm also a game developer (flash games), had about 20 games in my career (multiplayer with flash media server, physics with box2d, and just lots of small games) but i never thought u can make so many games in short time… it's crazy…

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