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First of all, welcome to our new site! Isn’t it lovely? For a real view, check out the site’s new home page, or our wonderful new about page!



After more than a year with the previous design, we felt that as the company changed over time, so must the design change with it. So tell us what you think about it!

On another note, last week we released Poker Master – a new game for the Firefox OS Marketplace, and it’s getting nice reviews.
It’s a take on the classic Texas Hold’em Poker, and development was quite challenging due to the AI that needed to be implemented using the low processing power of the target devices, but we believe we managed to pull it off and we’re very happy with the result, so check it out and tell us what you think!

As for an update on the secret project we last posted about –
We are sad to say that it has been put into deep freeze mode. Some times you have to make a difficult but necessary decision, and after developing most of the gameplay mechanics, we decided that the game was nice… but not excellent.
So we moved on, and maybe one day we’ll come back to it, but for now, we have several exciting new projects ahead…

We are currently working on a new puzzle game for the iOS platform, and it looks promising so far. We are very excited about it, and promise to release more details as we’ll get near release date, so stay tuned!

That’s it for now,

– Dor


  • Anthony Decosta

    Hey there, new site look is indeed nice. I really like it. Also I'm very excited to learn more about the new iOS puzzle game you're about to launch. It's gonna be awesome check out some new game.

  • odissi


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