We’re Almost There!

Hello everyone!

puzzle game

I’m happy to say we have a new game getting close to launch!

It’s a puzzle game for mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android) and flash.
Now, we’ve learned our lesson and didn’t say anything until we were sure it was of the best quality and will surely be released.
There are, of course, more gameplay mechanics that we want to add, but we feel that at its current state, the game is ready to be released!

We are now at the ‘beta’ stage, which means that all that is left to do is test everything.
And for this, we need you!
Want to play an awesome new puzzle game before everyone else?
Have an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device?

Send us an email to and tell us what type of device you have, and why you should be one of the few who get to see it first, and maybe you will get to be a beta tester!

Hope to hear from you!
– Dor

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