Global Game Jam 2014


We are attending the 2014 Global Game Jam in Tel Aviv!
We will post updates to this post as time goes by!


— Day 1, 18:00
So far, after hours of debating the ideas, we’ve finally settled on an idea for our short game, and are starting to work on it!
It’s a short plot-based exploration/puzzle game.
We are a little bit behind schedule, but we still think we can make it.

— Day 1, 23:00
We are hard at work. Progress is slow. We must prevail.

— Day 2, 10:00
After a lot of work and a bit of sleep, the game is starting to shape up. The design is mostly complete and the art and programming is halfway there.
We continue on with full power.

— Day 2, 16:00
We have entered panic mode. T minus 2 hours. We are going to make it. We hope…

— Day 2, 20:00
Sometimes things just take longer than you plan.
We’ve made great progress, but some work still remains.

— Jam End, 48 Hours After the Start
Well, it’s been a blast.
The game, like so many other 48-hours jam games, isn’t complete, but we’re ok with that.
We’ve learned a lot, and had great fun.
We will upload the game at it’s current (nearly unplayable) state to the Global Game Jam website, but we plan to put some more work into the game to bring it to the point where it’s playable and working as planned.

Until next time,
– Dor

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