New Games Released!


We have been really busy lately and only now had the time to write an update post, but only due to good reasons – we’ve released 3 new games!


The first is the latest release – Slots Rush!
We’ve been trying various game types and genres and thought it’d be fun to tackle the slot genre, but we wanted to bring a twist to the familiar gameplay.
So we made Slots Rush – a slot game in which you get a certain amount of time to spin the machine as much as you can – so it requires some skill in addition to just pure luck.
The game is available for FREE on Android and soon on the App Store too!


The Second game is Sweet Slide!
This was teased earlier in some of the previous blog posts, and we took our time to polish and fix various issues until we were sure the game is fun and engaging!
It’s a puzzle game featuring a cute penguin called Oliver! Try it out!
You can get the game for FREE on Android and soon on the App Store too!


The third and last game for this post is of course – Flying Dodo!
It’s a fast-paced action game that features a dodo with a jetpack strapped to his back, flying across the jungle to collect coins and avoid obstacles!
As you play, the challenges get harder, but you can get upgrades and fun costumes as they unlock!
You can get it now for FREE on Android or on the App Store!


Stay tuned for more!
– Dor

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