Global Game Jam 2015


We are super excited to attend the 2015 Global Game Jam!
For those who don’t know, that’s a 48 hour world wide event, in which many game makers make a brand new game in 48 hours about a specific theme.
Last year’s GGJ we made The Hallway, which we were very proud of.
We hope this year will be as much fun!

This year’s theme is:
“What do we do now?”

We made a small game in 48 hours

Ido, our artist, made a short time-lapse of his screen:

We’ll start working now, so stay tuned for updates,
and if you’re in the Tel Aviv jam, come and say hello!

Day 1, 10:50

We are now starting to brainstorm ideas for the game!
The theme is a bit weird, but we think we have some cool ideas.
We try to think out of the box and not go for the easiest interpretations…
We’ll see if that will work out…

Day 1, 15:00

We finally decided on a concept.
It took us a while – the theme was especially tricky this year, but we hope that the concept we chose will turn out nice.
We’ll see…

Day 1, 20:00

We are working really hard and having a blast.
Meanwhile, check out some art for the upcoming game:


Now – back to work…

Day 1, 22:00

More art, and this time – animated!
(awesome art by the talented Stav Goldstein)



And the coding is also going on well by the way…

Day 1, 24:00

We are very tired now, so we’ll go to sleep.
See you tomorrow morning…
Here’s some art:


Good night.

Day 2, 08:50

Good morning!

After an early morning wake-up and some bad coffee, we are off to work!
Here’s some music from the game to start the day:
(the excellent music is thanks to the awesome Assaf Halevi)

As for the coding, most of the main flow, the dialog system and world management is coded, though we still need to code some more flow functionality, so we’ll see if we can implement everything we wanted in time…
The plan is that we can dedicate most of this day to content and polish.
See you later!

Day 2, 14:00

The finish line is getting closer and closer…
We decided to cut some non-essential functionality so we will make it on time.
We’re now hard at work on adding the content – there’s a ton of dialogs to write and implement…

Day 2, 19:00

Aaaand, it’s over!
Our local site ends the event a bit early so people can help clean up the place and have a chance to show their games on the main stage.
It’s not totally finished, and has plenty of bugs, but we’re happy with it.
It’s been a blast, and we had a great time.


– Dor

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