3 Years of Game Making!

Has it really been that long?
It seems like only yesterday we were bunched up in a rented flat, trying to test our first game, seeing if HTML5 was a possible technology for mobile games…
How time flies.


In the three years since we started our company many thing have happened.
We had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented folks, and had a blast trying out new ideas and designs for more games than we’d like to admit. (We believe it’s in the 40-something realm right now…) Some were good, some were outright bad and never got out of prototype stage, but nevertheless – we learned a lot from each one.

In three years we switched offices five times, used different technologies, got to see our games run on many different platforms and even got to change our logo a few times. Three years is the kind of time you can sit back and take a deep breath, looking at the road we’ve been through and where we’re heading. It’s also the kind of time we can be thankful for the people who have walked this road with us:
Stav, Ilai, Ido, Tomer and Assaf. You are all awesome in different ways.

So what’s new?
Well, as our cooperation with the awesome guys at Funtomic grows, the games we make get bigger and have more depth in them, and we strive to make them more fun and engaging.

We recently released another game for the Kizi mobile platform, and some of our games were also released on the desktop version of Kizi.
We’re also starting to release some of our games as mobile stand-alone apps. The first down that path is Quadron, with more coming soon!

And what’s next in store for our fourth year? Who knows, really. All we know is that we can’t wait to see where we’ll be!

So, Until next time

– Dor


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