Case Study – Dynamons 2


We’ve recently created an exclusive mobile game called Dynamons 2!
It was made exclusively for the awesome publisher Funtomic, that runs the great Kizi Game portal, where many of our other games are available too.
We wanted to share some of our insights, and shed some light on the process that took place when making Dynamons 2.

It all started with the original Dynamons. Released in early 2015 as an exclusive HTML5 game for with the original premise that collection-battle games work well for the intended portal audience. It quickly became one of the most successful games on the portal. Later we’ve released the game as a standalone native game for mobile phones.
As time went on, and as it seemed to be well received with the players, we were asked to bring a sequel that will add some depth and improve some of the gameplay mechanics while keeping the original feel that the players loved about the game.


The original Dynamons was a compact HTML5 game, and the sequel needed to be a bigger native game that will add more content and tactics to the game while still keeping it simple and fun.
There were 2 main aspects we needed to improve in the sequel – the core turn-based battles gameplay, and the in-game world map meta-game.
We decided to add items and a currency system to the game, allowing more meaningful choices and rewards for the players during battles. New stats like strength and aiming were added, along with new special abilities to allow more tactics and strategy.


In the world map, we’ve added various type of battles like the Daily Arena – a special, hard battle, available daily that rewards especially valuable loot, or the Boss Battles, which are battles that block the player’s progression and help advance the plot of the game with recurring boss characters.

Of course, to give the players a much more engaging and rich experience, new content was also added.
The map grew to be nearly twice as big as the map of the original game, and we’ve added many new creatures and attacks.
Doing all that, we worked hard to keep everything simple, fun and easy to learn, in order to satisfy both new and experienced players.

Although the original Dynamons was an HTML5 game, the sequel needed to be a native game for mobile. Luckily, we work using specialized cross-platform tools, and could easily re-use most of the original code and assets, thus saving time and money. Our cross-platform tools enable us to make a game once, and launch it on either HTML5, iPhones or Android phones, and even as a Flash or desktop app.


The game was launched just one month ago and is available on both the App Store and Google Play, and we couldn’t be more happy about the results.
The mobile native game have had over 200,000 unique players in just a month, those users fought over 13,000,000 Dynamon battles and caught over a million Dynamons collectively!
Dynamons 2 also reached the Top 100 charts in over 80 countries, and have a stable ★4.5 rating in Google Play from over 3000 players!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Dynamons games!


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